First, the fear. First, the prayers. The trepidation. The tears. First, we look around our home and yard and neighborhood. We survey the damage. We check on those we love. We cry. We pray again. We feel and we process and we rock back and forth with our heads in our hands. We wonder about electricity and air conditioning and hot showers. We think some more and feel some more. And we allow ourselves some moments of anxiety and disbelief and frustration and sadness and relief. First, we feel. Then, we act. We wake up early and we put on work clothes and tennis shoes and determination. We grab our chainsaws or our work gloves or cases of water or food. We use our abilities and our tools to go out and help. To recover and heal. We start with our neighbors and we branch out. We clear roads and driveways, we put tarps on roofs. We bring food and water and coffee to the workers. We hug and we pray. We donate time and energy and materials. We give. We help. We act.

See y’all tomorrow, Albany. Get some rest tonight.

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