Just in case anyone is on the fence about having kids, I just changed a poo diaper in the back seat in a parking lot and by changed a poo diaper I mean there was poo on Law’s feet, legs, hands, and back and I was trying to get it done as quickly as I could because as soon as I cleaned one body part he’d stick another one in poo so I was slinging poo wipes everywhere and before I knew it he had a poo wipe in his mouth so I had to get that out and then there was poo under my nails and then I finally got the majority of it cleaned off him except he’s the Michelin Man of babies so I had to clean the poo between all of his folds and by the time I was done he was hungry so now I’m sitting amongst the pile of poo wipes with a baby on my boob and my hair pulled out of its bun and my sanity somewhere outside of this vehicle.

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